Bolla Bowl Is No Snow Job

America has their Super Bowl under a covered roof and natural turf in warm Arizona on Sunday.
But Canada, true to form, had their own Bowl game today and it was played outside on a snow-covered field in bone-chilling -10 Celsius weather.
The Golden Horseshoe Touch Football Association held their annual Snow Bowl tournament – The Bolla Bowl – in Burlington and six teams, some from as far away as Kingston, got together to throw the ball around in the spirit of the biggest gridiron weekend of the year.
The matches are held yearly on the Saturday before the NFL’s Super Bowl Sunday, and the event is named after Frank Bolla, one of the founders of the national touch football game in Canada and a current GHTFA executive and hall of fame member.
The games today had plenty of passing yards as the snowy conditions on the field restricted almost all types of running plays.
Controversies which have plagued the NFL game in the south – like the ‘De-Flate Gate’ scandal two weeks ago – were averted in the Snow Bowl game as all game balls were properly inflated, as shown below.
The cold weather was not an issue for some who even showed up to play wearing shorts, but others, below, were perhaps chilled to the bone.
And if you thought some of the players who played Saturday were not strong Canadian boys who were also serious about their love for the game….
…this player suffered what may have been a broken nose and walked off the field under his own power to come back and play another day.