A One Night Stand On The Radio

It was the radio equivalent of a one-night-stand.
Come in from out of town, shine a little sparkle, get some interest in your “I’m not from around here” accent,  become extremely intimate, then bugger off back from whence you came.
And for many who listened to Dominik Diamond on Toronto’s powerhouse rock station Q107 for the past two years, that’s exactly how it feels.


Except most of us don’t feel jilted at Diamond’s wham-bam-how-many-fingers-ma’am return to Halifax and a coveted morning show slot at CKUL’s Radio 96.5 FM.
In fact, there’s been almost a complete bevy of well-wishers from The Big Smoke sending kudos and congratulations Diamond’s way. Many have expressed their gratitude that the seasoned on-air presenter had graced their radios. Many have searched the internet in the past few weeks trying to find answers for Diamond’s move from Toronto:


But Diamond’s return to the East Coast hasn’t been completely cod-kissin’ cool. Diamond has received his unfair share of negative input regarding NewCap Radio’s format change for 96.5 FM – a change from Classic Hits to Adult Alternative that Diamond has landed in the middle of – and listeners of the previous format’s music have expressed their derision toward station owners and Dominik as well.

NewCap, the wholly-owned subsidiary of parent company Newfoundland Capital Corporation, certainly isn’t averse to change, though. The company, which currently boasts 88 broadcast licences across the country, has recently entered into an agreement with Bell Media Inc. to acquire three stations in Vancouver and two in Toronto – Flow 93.5 CFXJ and Boom 97.3 CHBM. NewCap, a small to medium market broadcaster,  is looking to increase its footprint into two of the largest listening regions in the country, says Rob Steele, NewCap president and chief executive, in a news release. What is apparent though is the company is looking after itself financially and acquisitions and format changes are part of its pecuniary responsibilities.


Diamond, who left Halifax’s Q104 in the fall of 2011 to take up the evening 6pm to 11pm slot at Toronto’s Q107,  will replace morning host duo Griff Henderson and Caroline Parker, two unfortunate casualties of a company trying to increase its attractiveness to shareholders.

It may take Haligonians a little time getting used to the change, but if Diamond’s success and rapport in Ontario’s capital city is any indication, it will be worth the wait. My suggestion to the listeners out East would be to visit Dominik during his public appearances and get to know the man again – he’s personable, funny, a family man and a blast to spend time with.
The black leather kilt, on the other hand, may take a while to get used to.

(Best of luck Dom!)


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