Thumbs Up For Monday’s Game

Toronto Argonauts wide receiver Kevin Elliott gives the thumbs up, below, during practice Friday in preparation for the CFL game on Monday between the ‘Double Blue’ and their QEW rivals, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.


Signed by the Argos after a couple years from the Buffalo Bills and a short stint last year with the Brooklyn Bolts of the Fall Experimental Football League (FXFL), Elliott has fit nicely into the receiving corps where he has 15 touches for 205 yards and three touchdowns so far this year.

All of Elliott’s passes have come from the arm of current quarterback Trevor Harris, Toronto’s so-called back-up QB who has stepped into the starting role this year due to Ricky Rays’ off-season shoulder surgery, which keeps the regular starter off the field for now.


Harris has been able to keep the Argos ship righted and steering in the right direction with 104 completions on 139 attempts for 1,177 yards, 11 touchdowns and 4 interceptions to give the Toronto squad an East Division-leading 3-1 record.


Harris even has the uncanny ability to seemingly levitate footballs, below.


It was a hot one at the team’s Downsview practice facility as Shane Herbert, 8, takes refuge from the sun while Herve Tonye-Tonye rests in the blazing rays.


A little rest and some nearby refreshments were the order of the day, below.


But the heat and sun wasn’t enough to keep a seemingly unamused head coach Scott Milanovich from pitching in and moving blocking equipment off the field during drills.


Offensively, Henry Josey, 20, and Brendan Gillanders, 45, ran passing drills, below…


…while the “Smith & Smith” defensive backs Devin Smith, 19, and Branden Smith, 26, work on their ball handling skills from the defensive side of the field…



Cheers To All Things “Bluetiful”

Brandishing his supersonic rocket-launching tea-dispensing backpack, TbyDaniel owner Daniel Lewis – in his alter-ego superhero persona “Bluetiful”, helped Brampton Farmers Market patrons enjoy the two sides of his Main Street tea business: the hot and cold sides.
On one side of his silver serving platter was his famous ‘Lion’ Chai, the hot drink on a hot summer’s day.
On the other side: the ‘BFF’, or Berry Fruit Fusion, a cool caffeine-free treat of elderberry, hibiscus, raisin pieces, and, of course, a little bit of love.