…and the band played on.

They billed their party for tonight as “The Last Dance”, but their music – the sweet, aromatic and opulent music served by the cup by T by Daniel – will continue to play.

The little tea shop startup at 46 Main Street North in downtown Brampton, Ontario, that began with little more than a good idea and a positive outlook but grew in only the last four years into a local cultural phenomenon backed by countless supporters – not the least of whom was HRH Prince Charles – has stopped serving tea for good in downtown Brampton.


But despite the sad yellow emoticons with the teardrops that filled the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook comments sections since the announcement was made, all is not lost for fans of T by Daniel tea and owners Daniel and Renata Lewis.

The entrepreneurial husband and wife pair will soon be showing their business savvy and flexing their marketing muscles in the Bramalea City Centre mall when they re-open their shop in the 300-outlet, 1.5 million square foot mega retail outlet some time in March.

T by Daniel will then get their share of the 16 million annual visitors to the mall.

So it’s not so much an end of an era – as many have commented – as it is the beginning of an empire.

And what better way to celebrate a new adventure – or lament the loss of the downtown location – than to party until the official close of the store tonight until 9 p.m.

This local pair of high school sweethearts managed to create quite a stir in the downtown core over the years with Daniel dressing up in superhero and cartoon character costumes every Saturday morning handing out free samples during the weekly Farmers Market.


And writing customer’s names on the bottom of the cup with marker helped personalize and connect buyer and seller in a more meaningful way.

And yet, selling hot water flavoured with tea leaves is not the beginning and end of what Daniel and Renata Lewis are about.

Daniel makes business related motivational speaking tours and the dynamic duo are often seen in online photos working hard making dreams come true for other budding entrepreneurs with their marketing business ‘Marsketing’.

Daniel’s first foray into the publishing industry last year resulted in his autobiographical paperback entitled “How?” which detailed his philosophies on life and how he turned his personal pain and hardship early in his life into a story of survival and success.

It may be the The Last Dance downtown for tea lovers, but it won’t be the last time you’ll find Daniel dancing around town.