Forces of Niagara

Like the slow and inevitable creep towards Lake Erie of The Falls itself, somehow the area surrounding Niagara Falls’ Clifton Hill has eroded over the years into a spectacle of its own.
Restaurants, hotels, a ferris wheel, strange oddities, horror shows, and even Elvis tossing beads for two bucks a shot: I’m not quite sure how all this relates to the geological forces of water that made the natural wonder of the world just a kilometre or so away from the Hill.
And yet, the forces of 100,000 cubic feet of water per second over the edge of a 160-foot drop is not the only thing that attracts people to this area.
Perhaps it’s a colossal Hollywood movie horror figure looking a little squeamish after too much fast food?
Or a dinosaur suggesting a mini-put patron to “Pick a club!!!”
The question is: what will be of this place tens of thousands of years from now when The Falls has worked its way up river to its ultimate demise at the edge of Lake Erie?
I suppose we should enjoy ourselves while it lasts….


Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion
As I predominantly photograph sports events, my goal is to stop motion; freezing the action into an image that shows – in 0.0005 seconds – what the eye could not possibly see for itself.
The opposite, then, would be to show movement in an otherwise static, less-dynamic scenario; letting what little motion there is express itself – in 1/6th of a second – and reveal what the eye could not possibly see for itself.