David Magley – On Assignment

It could have been a long summer and off-season for Brampton A’s head coach David Magley – especially after a tough playoff loss in March to end the team’s inaugural NBL of Canada year.

But something like a loss isn’t going to stop the 55-year-old former basketball standout – either physically, mentally, or spiritually.

“When we lost, a very disappointing last second tough call loss, I wanted that night to make certain I could use that loss as a way to show young people how to take it,” said Magley as he and some Brampton A’s players, below, spent yesterday at the Rotary Rib’N’Roll ribfest in downtown Brampton, Ontario.


“So I went on Facebook and I thanked everyone who was there and thanked my team and took the heat. All because I’m trying to train young people that it’s just a game and that it’s basically like all of life: it’s just a series of games – some you win, some you lose.

“But if you can find perspective in all of them, they’re all beneficial.”

Today, Magley and his staff will be in Orangeville at the Athlete’s Institute looking over ball players at the team’s first of five scouting combines. Additional combines will be held June 29th in South Bend, Indiana, August 9 in Sarasota, Florida, September 6 back at the Athlete’s Institute and another to be held at Brampton’s Powerade Centre.


It’s an important part of the off-season, according to Magley, because of the potential in finding talented basketball players.

“Last year, 13 of the 16 guys we invited to camp came through our combine system,” he said. “I’m not one who just looks at somebody’s tape and decides they can play basketball. I need to see them in person because, besides trying to figure out how they are as players, we want to see how they are as people.”

Magley’s basketball career started out at Indiana’s LaSalle High School where, following his senior year, he earned the honor of being recognized as the top high school player in the state, a recognition that came with the title Mr. Basketball.

A successful college career at Kansas led to a second round 1982 NBA draft pick, but Magley only appeared in 14 games in the NBA and spent most of his pro career playing in the Continental Basketball Association.


“The older I’ve gotten the more I recognize that I’m just on assignment,” said Magley. “I know it’s a basketball assignment but I’ve been given a platform to impact lives. To be in basketball and to be blessed with having some success you have a bit of a platform. So now we can really try to touch people’s lives and give them hope.”

For Magley, another way of impacting lives is combining his knowledge of basketball with his faith and his Christian calling.

“The church I go to, Brampton Christian Fellowship, is going to start a ministry – which is basically my brother’s ministry – called Heroes Camp,” said Magley. “It’s free for anyone in the community – any faith – and the whole purpose is to bring young people into basketball and have an opportunity to mentor them for a couple of hours at a time. It’s going to be pretty exciting and it’s something I’m going to be heavily involved in and we’ll have some of the Brampton A’s players down there supporting what we do.”


Magley has been able to take his faith and his spiritual outlook on life, combine that with his basketball skills, and bring something positive to the game, despite whatever setbacks he’s suffered in life or on the court.

“You realize it’s all a setup for something better and once you go and embrace that, that’s where faith comes in,” he said. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, or the evidence of things not seen. You can’t see what’s going to come next but you get excited that it’s got to be something good. So when you lose or win – whatever it is – as long as you don’t get too high or too low, you realize that something good is going to come out of that.

“And it’s been the secret to my 35 years being married, all of my children’s success athletically and their personal relationships. It’s just who we are. It’s real, it’s just not a statement. It’s what we truly believe.”

Ribs, Ribs and More Ribs

There were plenty of reasons to head down to Brampton Ontario’s Gage Park on Saturday: local musical talents on stage, plenty of space for the kids to play and splash around in the water, and even some adult beverages on which to imbibe.

But, really, the only reason that mattered – and the only reason for which visitors to the Rotary-sponsored Rib’N’Roll wanted to lineup for 45 minutes – was the ribs.

Ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs. Smokey, tender, saucy ribs.


And Mike Trasias, above, son of P&P Catering’s owners Peter and Paula Trasias, kept the meat grilled to perfection and ready for the hundreds and hundreds of hungry park patrons during the second of the three-day ribfest weekend.

The ribs were so good some couldn’t help but call their friends on the phone, below, while carrying a family-size portion of food, a wallet, napkins, a sweater, plastic forks and condiments, as well as a stylish hat.