Sparkles’ Girl

When jockey Emma-Jayne Wilson hears the call “Riders Up!” in the paddock, puts on her helmet and goggles and heads around the corner of Woodbine’s Gate 10 to the track, she’s all business. After all, riding a thoroughbred racehorse at 60 kph is serious business.


After the race, especially after winning like she did in Race 1 today aboard Sparkles’ Girl at Woodbine Racetrack, the smiles come out. Below, Wilson walks back from the track arm-in-arm with Sparkles’ Girl trainer John Charalambous.



It’s also serious business when Wilson and the other jockeys have to compete with another jockey who rarely doesn’t have a smile on his face around the racetrack.

Eurico Rosa Da Silva, below, picked up two wins on the day. Da Silva led all Woodbine jockeys with 202 wins last year bringing his mounts across the line first 25 per cent of the time.



Thoroughbred race photographer Michael Burns, bottom left, fires off a few frames as Gary Boulanger takes San Nicola Breeze across the finish line for a win in Race 2.


Rafael Hernandez, below, had a win today aboard Bella Figura in Race 3.




And Simon Husbands took the Solo Racing Ltd four-year-old Me More to a win in Race 4, below.




And, as is the case every day, the statue of Canadian legend Northern Dancer keeps an eye on the people coming and going from the front of the racetrack.







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