weekly-photo-challenge – The Road Taken

The Road Taken can mean different things.

In its literal sense, we see the pavement in front of us, stretched out in a linear direction to our eventual destination, whether or not that destination is actually seen or even known.

In a more figurative sense, The Road Taken describes a philosophical direction in life, and a more philosophical pavement on which we travel.

In a moral sense, it can mean whether or not one takes ‘the higher road’, and what impact one’s life has on those who travel the same road of life in the future.

For Terry Fox, all applied.

5,373 kilometres of step-step-skip, step-step-skip through half of Canada’s Trans-Canada Highway took him across a physical, figurative and moral road to raise money for cancer research and propel him to what some people believe is The Greatest Canadian.

In the end, The Road Taken does not lead into a multitude of possibilities for your future, but flutters behind you, as Roger Waters so eloquently prescribed, as ’Your Possible Pasts’.


Weekly Photo Challenge – The Road Taken


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