No Cause For Celebration

Funny, but I don’t recall any flag-waving street celebrations of Portugal football fans in downtown Brampton after their wins in recent 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches.

After an initial 2-0 loss to Switzerland September 6, the Portuguese squad managed to rip apart their next two opponents each by a 6-0 margin.


But, of course, 12 goals in two games may not be so surprising when you consider they played Andorra October 7 and Faroe Islands on October 10, two of the five smallest countries in the UEFA league football stable.

Andorra is a land-locked microstate in the eastern Pyreness mountains bordered by Spain and France with a population of 85,000 and an area of little more than 450 square kilometers.


The Faroe Islands, an autonomous country in the Kingdom of Denmark, is an archipelago a few hundred kilometers north of Scotland. Not only is it surprising these 50,000 Faroe Islanders have a football club worthy of World Cup qualifying matches, but they also have enough flat space on their rocky, volcanic island to build a football pitch.

Faroe Island has attempted to qualify in the last six World Cup competitions but has managed only five wins in their 60 qualifying matches, being outscored 168 to 30.

Portugal, on the other hand, is coming off their stunning 2016 Euro win against France last July. Fans of the Portugal national team flowed into downtown Brampton’s Garden Square to witness the game on the outdoor big screen television.


Upcoming games for them include Latvia on November 13 and Hungary in March of 2017.


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