A Modern Day Zapruder Film

It’s the Zapruder Film of the new millennium.

And analysis of the slow-motion video – frame-by-frame, pixel-by-pixel – is being done by social media and local police to find out exactly who fired the single shot of beer from above and behind Oriole’s outfielder Hyun-Soo Kim at the October 4 American League Wildcard baseball game in Toronto.

The modern day video, like the film of Kennedy’s assassination from the 60s, is grainy and pixelated, but it appears a lone fan fired a single can from what may have been the sixth row of the Rogers Centre outfield seats.

Since the field the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team plays on is artificial, there is yet to be any counter theories that the beer can came from a second fan in front and to the right of Kim. There is no grass in the Rogers Centre and no known knoll.

Kim’s reaction, after making the catch, was to turn his head back and to the left – back, and to the left – after the beer can was fired and landed in almost pristine condition on the field. Reports of a Magic Bullet being thrown and found on the field are false since electric hand-held blenders are strictly forbidden at the ballpark.

The beer can is first seen in Frame (or inning) 7 of what is now being called The TO-Fans-Are-Ruder film. Some witnesses report hearing three beers being opened in rapid succession but the film only shows one can being fired at Kim.

An unidentified woman, nicknamed the Babushka Lady by researchers, might have been filming Kim during the beer throwing incident. She was seen on the video apparently taking a selfie and may have inadvertently photographed the perpetrator. Her whereabouts is not known.

The video of the incident has been analyzed extensively by police. Department communications officers say the investigation is being conducted by police Commissioner Warren.

Police attempted to identify the suspect in the beer throwing incident by posting his photo on social media. The man pictured denied throwing the beer and claimed he was a patsy who was singled out because he was drinking out of a plastic cup -possibly with a straw – and that he lived in Hamilton.

It has been widely reported the man was seen handing out “Fair Trade for Canada” leaflets on a Hamilton street corner months before the baseball game and police believe he successfully travelled to a Russian church on numerous occasions where he attempted to denounce his Costco citizenship.

Investigators say that the man acted alone in the throwing of the Bud Light beer can. However, there are numerous conspiracy theories surrounding the beer throwing. These theories posit that the beer throwing involved people or organizations other than the man pictured by police. Most current theories put forth a criminal conspiracy involving parties as varied as the CIA, the Mafia, Vice President Joe Biden, Cuban President Fidel Castro, the Molson Brewing Company, Coors or some combination of those entities.

Some conspiracy theories claim that Budweiser covered up crucial information in the aftermath of the beer throwing incident, and some opinion polls have shown that a majority of Americans believe there was a conspiracy to hurt Kim so the Blue Jays could win the baseball game.

The beer throwing evoked stunned reactions worldwide. Before the Oriole’s loss was announced by Encarnacion in the bottom half of Frame 9 of the film, the first hour after the beer throwing was a time of great confusion. Taking place during the American League Wildcard game, it was at first unclear whether the beer throwing might be part of a larger attack upon Orioles players, with popcorn, peanuts and nachos and cheese as possible projectiles, and whether center fielder Adam Jones, who had been running a few paces behind Kim, was safe.

Anger against Toronto and Torontonians was reported from some individuals. Various Texas Rangers fans, for example, carried signs at the next Wildcard game decrying the city of Toronto as having “wasted a perfectly good can of beer.”


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