Hall of Fame Walk, Hall of Fame Talk

When you ask a former player to say a few words to young high school football players about what it takes to play professionally, the Toronto Argonauts can’t do much better than getting Damon Allen to impart some words of wisdom.

When Damon Allen talks the talk, you know he has walked the walk.


Allen, 53, spoke to about 100 young players at the team’s Downsview Park practice facility Wednesday while current players practiced on field.


Allen’s 23-year CFL career is studded with records and accolades. The four-time Grey Cup champion quarterback is currently professional football’s combined passing and rushing leader with a total of 84,301 yards.

That’s pro football. As in, include the NFL in that list, too.


Allen’s ability at throwing the ball was followed closely by his ability to run the ball, too.

In fact, Allen’s career rushing yardage total is only 323 yards shy of his older brother Marcus Allen’s career NFL running back total of 12,243 yards.



In May 2010, Allen launched the Damon Allen Quarterback Academy to personally teach the skills and strategies of quarterbacking to students of all ages and skill levels.

His words of wisdom will have an impact on these young athletes, as well.





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