Acronym Acrimony

OMG do I have an acrimonious relationship with the acronym.
No, that was not a question, BTW.

Acronyms are destroying the way we communicate and teaching our kids it’s OK to take as many shortcuts in life as possible, FCOL!
Modern communication methods are reducing the English language to its component parts in order to save time and effort. Nothing good has ever come out of saving time and effort. Prime example: the Easy Bake Oven. I rest my case.
I want my kids to learn the right way to do things and to grow up and get good jobs and have a better life than I had. And better banana bread, too.


Acronyms are getting out of hand! AAGOOH! Gesundheit.
See what I mean?
Did you know there at least 50 variations of the ROTFL acronym? Who can keep track of all the variations of body parts and actions involved with floor-rolling laughter?
When I was young there were only a handful of acronyms. ASAP and BYOB were the most common. RSVP was always used on invitations because nobody knew how to spell Respond eh?, Sill Voo Play.
Some still don’t.

Has all this short form degraded to a point where we can’t even take the time to offer some goodwill on the anniversary of someone’s first day on this Earth without breaking it down to three letters or less?
“HBD!”? Really? If you’re not a geneticist referring to the delta genes normally expressed in an adult homo sapiens hemoglobin sample, then write out the whole thing for your friend’s sake.
Putting “HBD” in a FaceBook message is like saying you’re bringing a birthday cake to the party and then showing up with a single candle stuck in a muffin. Lame!


With the proliferation of social media, we’ve come to accept certain short forms used on FaceBook and text messages as standards.
The LOLs and the WTFs and the FMLs are used daily and in such frequency that my seven-year-old has used at least two of those in the past. Do I chastise him for saying WTF but not actually uttering a swear word that he probably doesn’t even know is part of the acronym? IDK.

I’m sure these are just some of the FAQs people with young kids are asking themselves these days. At least I hope they are.
I hope they are not getting too involved in their TGIF lives and putting the time and effort into raising a good, solid, well-spoken citizen.

I’m just saying that, IMHO, acronyms are taking over the WWW and w/o some effort, we stand to trade in the complete-word dictionary in favor of internet acronym dictionaries.
And that would be just FUBAR.

Thanks for listening. TTFN.


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