A Strong Rivalry

As far as rivalries go, this one is shaping up to be a classic.
You’ve got the Tiger-Cats and Argonauts. You have the Celtics and Lakers. There’s the Redskins and Cowboys.
And because of their schedules, their proximity within the same regional municipality, and the subsequent frequency each team plays each other in a season, the Brampton A’s and the Mississauga Power are destined to create a lasting battle on the National Basketball League of Canada hardcourt for years to come.
The play on court Sunday between the A’s and Power was physical, fast, and at times heated, but the hometown A’s managed to play discipline basketball and sweep the two-day back-to-back games with The Power, this time by a 115-102 score.
It would seem no-one on the Brampton A’s squad enjoys the extra spice the rivalry between the two teams provides more than point guard Akeem Scott, below.
Is there any skin on the Power team side Scott enjoys getting under more?
“I would say the two people that come to mind when we play against Mississauga is Omar Strong and their coach. Me and Omar tussled a few times, there was a little jawwin’ at the beginning of the year, and holding and pushing each other and getting at each other.”
“Sometimes the coach says some crazy stuff to me and I say something back. You know, it’s basketball so you have to enjoy that. Who ever’s next to that baseline or inside of those lines, y’know, you’re part of the game. Usually, it’s Omar or the coach.”
Even though he may relish the extra-curricular stuff on the court, Scott knows where the dirty looks and name calling ends.
“It’s basketball, right? And if we keep it in basketball then it’s all in fun. At the end of the day we’re all gettin’ paid. I want to show that person up just like he wants to come and show me up.”
“That’s what this league needs. It needs rivalries, and personal rivalries. People like that. They see me and the coach jawwin’ at each other: it’s entertainment. But we don’t take it any farther than that.”
The pair of weekend wins puts Brampton into a virtual tie for second place in the Central division standings with London Lightning. Both squads have 14 wins to their credit, but London earns the second spot behind division leading Windsor by virtue of their two games at hand.
Brampton can go a long way to cementing a solid second spot in the standings when they play in London on the 19th and then at home against Windsor on Feb 21.


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