Can’t Fight The Power

Leave it to Brampton As head coach David Magley to put a bad loss into perspective, even if it was the first game of the year.
The home side dropped their home opener and first game of the 2014 National Basketball League of Canada season to the Mississauga Power last night by a 111-97 score, and the bigger picture was not lost on coach Magley.
“You need to have this consequence if you’re not ready,” he said following the game. “If you come out and you’re not ready to compete and you win, you falsely think you’re better than you are. Maybe this is when you need a wake up call before you do anything else.”
Mississauga powered their way to the lead early, and throughout the game Brampton would attempt to break away from the double digit deficits on numerous occasions, but the Power were unrelenting.
“When Mississauga put it on us our reaction was to go away from what we’ve worked on and stop doing all the things we do well,” Magley suggested as the root cause for the loss. “Instead, we let them pressure us and we panicked and we took a lot of bad shots.”
Not all the shots Brampton took on the night were bad, of course, as Austin Peay product Tyshwan Edmondson, below, topped the scoring line for the home side shooting 11 for 16 from the floor, including three treys, and four of four from the foul line.
“My guys will respond,” said Magley about what comes next for the A’s squad. “Ultimately, I’m real happy with the fact that we showed some fight. I’m just disappointed we didn’t compete all the way through like we should.”
From the other side of the floor, Mississauga Power head coach Kyle Julius earned his first career NBLC win in the night’s victory – and it all played out exactly as he had planned it to.
“I’ve been around the game a long time and, as a player, I was very analytical and I’ve always kept notes. So I’ve got this entire binder for whenever I got the opportunity to coach of how I would do everything from pregame meals to shoot-arounds to practices to the night before….So ya, I did know what I wanted to do.”
“Luckily for me I have an organization supporting me and allowing me to get the guys I wanted, because it takes a certain player to play the way I want them to play.”
And how does Julius describe how he wants his players to play on the court?
“It’s a dogfight,” he said. “(We want to) out-rebound, out-hustle, out-talk you, out-muscle you, out-push you, out-fight you, out-claw you, out-bite you, out-run you….everything. It’s a dogfight.”


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