Les Rebelles 98 – Encore Une Fois

The Rebelles 98 girls softball club from Montréal finished their five games at the annual Brampton Blazers Tune-Up Tournament this weekend with two wins and three losses, but left with good feelings from the three-day weekend of softball, according to the team’s coach Donald Zimmer.


“We came here for the first tournament of the year, we traveled six hours to get here, and we were playing against the good teams of Ontario,” said Zimmer. “So when we have a couple of good games, we’re happy about that.”

The level of competition for these Under 18 players in their home province of Québec seems to not compare with that of Ontario, according to Zimmer, so playing far from home is almost a necessity.

“All year we are traveling: seven hours to Buffalo and next week to Stratford. To have good teams to play against we have to travel six hours away.”









2 thoughts on “Les Rebelles 98 – Encore Une Fois

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  2. Hi Mike,
    Tanks again for the pictures and comments about Rebelles 98!
    I Will be sure to pass this to all the girls and parents of Rebelles 98
    We had really a good time this weekend


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