Still Standing

The building may have burned to the ground, but the Church still stands.

And parishioners of St. Elias the Prophet Ukrainian Catholic Church vow to rebuild their house of worship after fire destroyed the ornate Heritage Road church April 5.


Built entirely of wood frame Douglas Fir and covered in western red cedar, St. Elias was opened in 1995 on 21 acres of quiet country solitude and has about 150 families in the congregation, according to Anastasia Galadza, daughter of church Pastor Roman Galadza.


Only the stone base of the church – and the blackened, charred wood – is what is left of the church that was constructed according to an architectural style known as “Boyko”, derived from western Ukraine.


Sunday services are being conducted at St. Augustine School on Chinguacousy Road south of Queen Street in Brampton.

“In the summer, things might change,” said Anastasia Galadza. “We might do some outdoor services here at the site. We had Easter services all outside this year and it worked out really well. It was just cold.”


“It’s just a matter of rearranging,” said Galadza. “Luckily the property is usable. It’s not like you can’t come here and do stuff here.”


Donations to help the church cover the cost of rebuilding can be made online at




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