Hurricane – A New Definition

The Hamilton Hurricanes of the Ontario Football Conference are redefining their game so far this season as they rolled over the London Beefeaters in an OFC semi-final match Saturday in Hamilton.


In fact, Webster’s has also redefined their dictionary term, as well: “A hurricane is a rapidly-advancing football team characterized by a low-pressure centre, quarterback and receiver, strong brotherhood, and a continuous arrangement of touchdowns that produce a heavy rain of scoreboard points. They derive their energy from the evaporation of opposing effort, which ultimately results in the saturation of a victory shower.”


With the 41-10 win, the Hamilton squad hosts their fourth-straight Ontario championship game next weekend against the Windsor AKO Fratmen.


Official stats are yet to be finalized, but there is word over 500 yards of passing were accumulated in the evening game. And following a 100-yard pass and catch touchdown play from quarterback Kyle Sewell to Andrin Masotti, players playfully rough-up Sewell as he returns to the sidelines, below.Image

The game was a rough one as well, with a number of devastating hits from both sides which left players tumbling…


…and receiving help from trainers and comfort from teammates, below.




2 thoughts on “Hurricane – A New Definition

  1. Do you have any other stats from the game? I’m trying to write an article about it, and they haven’t been able to provide me with any. You can email me at gcuthbert35(at)cogeco(dot)ca

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