The Red Boy and Batman

They bill themselves as “…a no nonsense, kick-ass rock & roll band from the relentless depths of suburban hell.”

Brampton ain’t that bad. Is it?

And neither is The Red Boy, a trio of young musicians hailing from the “suburban hell” of Brampton, just north of Toronto, Ontario.

They are William Bennett on guitars and vocals, Richard Mohammed kickin’ drums and backing vocals, and Aaron Bagshaw slinging the bass, below, under the watchful eye of the caped crusader visiting from Gotham City.


The band, which has an EP album out called Russian Roulette, opened the Indie Arts Showcase event Friday night outside the Rose Theatre.


Inside the theatre foyer there were also visual artists, jewelry, crafts and caricature artists. Members of the Ontario Plein Air Society created judged large-scale paintings in the surrounding Market Square.

Headlining the musical portion of the evening was Toronto singer and musician KO.


KO is Ko Kapches, whose 2009 debut album Let’s Blaze earned him opening act rights for that year’s Snoop Dogg tour.


With a variety of genres such as folk, hip hop, reggae, alternative rock and R&B, KO describes his sound as “urban-funk and urban-folk.”



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