Mud Bowl 2013

A 1977 NFC playoff game on Boxing Day between the Minnesota Vikings and the LA Rams; a 2007 Monday Night Football contest between the Steelers and the Dolphins; an AFC championship game between Miami and the NY Jets; and most famously the 38th Grey Cup in 1950 where the Toronto Argonauts defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 13-0 at Varsity Stadium.

All refer to different examples of the term ‘Mud Bowl’.

Now you can add the 2013 OFC game between the Hamilton Hurricanes and the London Beefeaters at Mohawk Sport Complex on September 21st.


The field started out green but very, very wet as almost 24 hours of showers fell before the game in the Hamilton area from a large system originating in the American Gulf a few days before.


Referees were supplied with an endless supply of clean and dry towels to keep the football usable, but conditions deteriorated quickly and both team’s passing games were generally given up for a more secure ground attack.



The Hurricanes triumphed in the mud by an 8-1 score and now lead their division with a five win and one loss record.



And winning – whether it’s in sunny and warm conditions or in cool, wet and muddy muck – is always better than the alternative.



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