Sometimes You Have To Wear Blue

Toronto quarterback Ricky Ray, despite missing a game to a knee injury, is topping the league stats from the pivot position.


Former Tiger-Cats and Argos linebacker and current special teams coordinator Mike O’Shea, below.


Former McMaster Marauder Mike Bradwell catches a pass during offensive drills.


Khalif Mitchell, below, does some shoulder stretching exercises.


100th Grey Cup MVP Chad Kackert is currently on the 9-day injured list.


Chad Owens, left, discusses passing routes with teammate John Chiles…


…and returns the ball during kick-off drills, below.


And in his 17th season, punter/kicker Noel Prefontaine…


…getting snaps from an unidentified player, below.



2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Have To Wear Blue

  1. Hi Mike! Just wondering if I can use a picture of Mike Bradwell, #88 in a video that will be shown just prior to his induction into the Leaside Sports Hall Of Fame on Friday. I came across your p[ics and thought I would ask about including one. We are a not for profit community organization so there is no budget, but I can include your name on the photo as credit if that is okay with you. No worries, as I have a ton of family photos already from his parents. Thank you! Anthony Regan 416 422- 0453

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