Revisiting Bronze

A cryptic comment left a few days ago by Anonymous on one of my earliest blog entries from way back in March of 2012 led to an email from “…the girl in the photo.”

It was Jacqueline Ng, the McGill Martlet senior I photographed at McMaster University’s Burridge Gymnasium during the 2012 CIS Women’s Volleyball Championships.

Ng, who was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, is now Marketing and Promotions Coordinator at McGill’s Athletics Department. She was inquiring about the photo – an emotionally charged Ng at the net reacting to a point won during McGill’s triumphant bronze medal win against St. Mary’s.


She wanted to know if I had more shots of her and whether she could use them at the Montreal-based university. I was happy to oblige.


Ng began playing volleyball in Grade 7 at Crofton House School and with the Thunder Volleyball Club.
“I was really blessed to have an amazing first Coach – Nicole VanHuizen,” says Ng. “She’s one of Canada’s most prominent beach players, Rick VanHuizen’s sister.”


Ng graduated last year with a Business degree majoring in Marketing and did not play a fifth year for the Martlets squad in 2012-2013, a year the women’s team went 18-19 overall failing to make the playoffs.
“I did not play a fifth year because of work commitments,” she said. “I also wanted a break from school. However, I did train with the team all year in case I did want to continue playing in the future.”
Last year’s squad could have benefited from Ng’s experience as the addition of about eight rookies on the squad contributed to a lack of team cohesiveness, said Ng.
“In all my years of playing volleyball, I have never seen a group of more selfless and worthy girls of the Bronze Medal success we garnered. Everyone put the team first above anything and that is ultimately why we succeeded.”


Ng describes the connection she has as a former student/athlete and her position in the Athletics department.
“I think (the connection) is extremely important,” said Ng. “I’ve gotten to know so many athletes because of this job and it has made me better at my job. Being connected to the “product” is critical in terms of delivery.
“I also know that having just been in school, I am essentially McGill Athletics target market. So all those factors combined has really helped me excel in my role.”




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