An Afternoon With… Dominik Diamond

Dominik Diamond is a television show host, radio presenter, newspaper columnist, gamer, and musician. So the first thing I asked him during his remote location broadcast Saturday at the Mr. Lube in Milton, Ontario, was, of course, “Which one of those things have you done not wearing pants?”

It wasn’t such an off-beat question considering: a) the answer was pretty much all of them except the television part, and b) he was wearing a black, leather kilt.

He is, after all, The Scot That Rocks.


“We were doing a British version of Jackass called Dirty Sanchez and we did a stunt where it was me and another guy buried naked in snow to see who could last the longest and I was live on radio. So, ya, I was without pants that day,” he said.

“But I lost that contest because Pancho from Dirty Sanchez urinated on me to warm himself up.”



Born in Arbroath, Scotland, the 43-year-old Diamond currently fills the 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. time-slot at Toronto’s powerhouse classic rock station Q107, entertaining with his insightful sense of humour and off-beat ‘contests’ to help involve listeners.

Diamond hosted a popular computer and video game show in the UK called Gamesmaster which had a seven year run from 1992-1998. But he says he enjoys hosting a radio show more than television because he doesn’t have to shave.

He also gets to involve his son in some of his on-air shenanigans. He’ll record his boy Charlie singing lyrics to a classic rock song and callers are required to identify the artist and title. He does his Glockenspiel of Rockenspiel bit as well as his How Many Fingers? contest which inevitably leads to a replay of some of the off-air phone calls.


Diamond is also a big Celtic FC follower, so naturally, I asked him a hypothetical question: If your son decided he wanted to play hockey and was eventually drafted by the New York Rangers, would you say no to that on principle alone?

“Absolutely,” he said without hesitating to reveal the Argos-TiCats style rivalry Celtic fans have with the Glasgow Rangers club. “I wouldn’t let him be a park ranger or a Texas Ranger either,” he quipped.


Doing ad spots live from a remote location isn’t always a breeze, either – especially when the breeze blows away the colourful station tent under which Diamond broadcasts. There to help save the tent were employees of co-owner Kevin Spearing’s Mr. Lube on Main Street in Milton. Barbecue, prizes, a $34.95 basic oil change and a radio personality like Diamond help bring in the customers, said Spearing.


Diamond says the weirdest place he ever did a remote from was a sauna, which he says turned out to be a bad idea because the crew was almost electrocuted.

And thankfully, the heavy leather kilt Diamond sported didn’t suffer the same fate as the tent. His accent is enough to prove his Scottish authenticity.




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