Toronto’s Royal Blues

It wasn’t the kind of start Toronto pitcher Clay Caufield had in mind when he took the mound Sunday at Dominico Field at Christie Pits for an Inter-County baseball game against the Guelph Royals.


The right-hander and his Maple Leafs squad in the field quickly fell behind after Guelph hammered four homers, eight hits and nine runs, chasing Caufield off the hill with only two outs in the top of the opening frame.


And it didn’t get much better. With the huge deficit to start the game, offensive output sputtered for the Toronto club and after nine innings the game mercifully ended with the visiting Royals handing the home squad a 16-4 loss.


Second baseman Dan Marra tags Guelph catcher Justin Interisano, below.


The Leafs will try to get a win and improve on their 4-4 win-loss record when they host the Kitchener Panthers Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.


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