Blazers Gold

Port Perry. Whitby. Minnesota. Kentucky. Ohio. Buffalo. Los Angeles….

That’s a full schedule of softball this summer for Brampton’s Tier 1 women’s squad – Brampton Blazers Gold.

In fact, there are only two weekends off all season for the 16-, 17-, and 18-year-olds who played at home against squads from as far away as Quebec in a weekend tournament.

Below, Samantha Ruffett takes a cut and connects with the ball in the early innings.



Janelle Brown, below, keeps an eye on her hard liner to the outfield…


…but comes up short at home as she is tagged out by the Mississauga catcher.


Catcher Sammi Ruffett, below, warms up a pitcher between innings.


The Blazers went 5 and 0 last weekend in a Whitby tourney and defeated Mississauga’s squad 10-3 in their first outing of the day Saturday. Jess Tate, below, fires a strike.


The Brampton squad also defeated Southwest Mississauga 4-1, Barrie by an 11-10 score, and tied Quebec at 3. Their only loss was to Guelph by a single run.

KJ Uyeno, below, takes in the first out of a double-play ball at second.


Cassie Luimes waits her turn to bat from the bench.




Kelli Bradley, below, scoops up a grounder at shortstop.



5 thoughts on “Blazers Gold

  1. These photos are great. I know my girls are just a 10U team but I do wish we had a photographer this good. I could never get shots like this and be on the field coaching at the same time.

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