Holiday (Home Again)

The tractor trailers, rental trucks, equipment vans and power generators jammed into the parking lot down the street gave it away.

Somebody was shooting a movie.

So the only two questions I had were: where, and how do I get on-set? After the kids went to bed, a short walk downtown revealed film crews setting up in Brampton’s downtown Gage Park.


The American TV movie being filmed is called “Holidaze” (working title Home Again) and stars American actress Jennifer Garth and Cameron Mathison, a Canadian born in Sarnia, Ontario. Director Jerry Ciccoritti, also a Canadian, was shooting scenes in a nearby church when I arrived.

I had a short conversation with one of the assistant directors and, despite denying access onto the church set, he agreed to allow me to shoot some stills in the park.


The park was alive: snow was being groomed along the edge of the ice rink; photographers moving camera trolleys; lighting equipment being set up; and about 100 extras on ice skates waiting just down the ice.


And after a couple hours of set-up, the cameras began to roll.





And, as always there’s the on-screen kiss.

It was quite an experience. But when it began raining around 2:45 a.m., I figured it was time to head home, again.


3 thoughts on “Holiday (Home Again)

  1. Hi Mike, Just wanted to let you know, I played in that Park Gazebo, probably thousands of times ( ok, not quite, but you know what we remember as kids ). My Gramma and Dad lived on Nelson Street beside the railway. It was wonderful to revisit those memories in my youth, so touching, as all of your images seem to be. great job, Thanks for creating some ” Happy Days ” for Michael and I.
    Love Kare …

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