Insert Title Here _______________.

I really need a better handle than freelancer.

There’s something I just don’t like about the ‘free’ part. And despite the grey hairs, the connotation indicates I just graduated from Conestoga College with a minor in Philosophy and I haven’t found a job in my academic field of study.

PhoBlographer gets too many squinty-eyed replies of “Pardon?”
Mercenary was a bad choice of title the other day when I walked into the CHUM/City/MuchMusic building on Queen Street and asked to ‘shoot’ some of the Marylin Denis show taping just next to the lobby. The security guards were definitely Canadian as I would have been in a gogoplata within seconds if I was attempting the same request in New York.
Independent Photojournalist is long-winded but accurate. The nice woman behind the desk was unfazed with that one, though.
“Uh huh. And who do you work for?” she queried.
“Um. Me,” I replied sheepishly.
“And where are you going to use the photos?” she demanded.
Before I could answer “Anywhere that’s  going to put Mr. Borden and his twin brother in my back pocket” an additional Gendarme politely told me I couldn’t take photos of the show. This was, of course, right after I managed to fire off three frames through the fortuitously Windexed glass doors.
I could feel my welcome beginning to wane like an anchor fading from sight under the waves. I shuffled back to the cold streets.
Nathan Phillips Square with its wintertime ice rink and City Hall backdrop was my next option down Queen. Wow. Nobody asking me for references.
Toronto’s Old City Hall was right next door and, of all the times I’ve been near the architectural darling, I’ve never been inside. So I decided to take a look and…Good Gravy! Two armed officers and an x-ray machine!
“Do you have a lens cap for your camera, sir?” the male officer asked straightforwardly.
“Yes, sir” I answered realizing in the same breath that he was requesting me to fix it to the front of my glass for the duration of my stay.
“No pictures?”
Smiley face shake of the head.
“Not even in the foyer?”
Smiley face shake of the head.
Turns out the Romanesque Revival and National Historic Site built in 1899 is currently being used as a court house for the Ontario Court of Justice.
Speculation is the building will be turned into a City of Toronto museum one day. Perhaps I’ll have more luck then.
But now I have to get to work.
Thank goodness I have a paying job.

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